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Lori Robinson, MSW, LMSW
Master of Social Work, Licensed Master of Social Work

Pronouns: she/her/hers (What's This?)

"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced." - James Baldwin

Hello and welcome! As a seasoned social work professional, I am motivated by social justice and human rights and believe that all people deserve to live with dignity, purpose, and a sense of belonging and connection. I believe that we have the capacity to move through challenging life experiences when we feel safe, in control, and have
choice. I am here to support and encourage your exploration of self through an ecological lens understanding that our identity, values, and beliefs about self and others emerge from our environment and our experiences, both positive and harmful. Together, we will begin to identify habits of thinking that promote growth or make you feel stuck and overwhelmed.


It takes a lot of courage to trust the therapeutic process and I would be honored to support your personal EVOLution. I will always show up with kindness, compassion, non-judgment, and provide you with tools to excavate your inner wisdom. Just where you are, that's the place to start. -Pema Chodron

I have extensive training and knowledge in trauma, particularly childhood trauma and how chronic stress impacts health and social function throughout life. I am a certified Triple P, Positive Parenting clinician and specialize in family systems, parent-child relational conflict, attachment theory, and utilize a healing centered approach to therapy that often includes expressive artmaking, storytelling and activities that promote present
moment awareness. During my undergraduate academic experience, I studied Cultural Anthropology and
Political Science with an interest in ritual and myth, African-American literature pre and post Harlem Renaissance and social conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa, primarily Rwanda and the Great Lakes Region. After working for many years with diverse populations of refugees, I returned for a Masters in Social Work with a focus on developmental trauma and the physiological impact of toxic stress in childhood on health across the lifespan. I
have devoted the past seven years to understanding and applying the principles of trauma informed care into my own life so that I can show up for others with a tremendous amount of patience and empathy. I am currently working towards my independent licensure 
under the direct supervision of Dr. Sophia Murphy, DBH, LPC, CPT, SXI.

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