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Rachel Aronoff, BA, MC-Intern
Bachelor of Arts | Master of Counseling Candidate | Clinical Intern
Pronouns: she/her/hers (What's This?)

"What wound did ever heal but by degrees?" 

             —William Shakespeare

Therapy can be a transformative process, helping you to show up more authentically in your life, in your relationships, and in your community. My therapeutic approach is informed by years of being a journalist, where I learned about the power of stories to heal. Today, I am committed to helping you to tell your own story. To me, that means exploring the things we tell ourselves about who we are and reclaiming our voice.


I also believe that the therapeutic relationship is a really special part of this process. Within the container of the therapeutic relationship, there are opportunities to experiment, play, challenge, and grow. Together, we’ll uncover your inherent resilience and build a deeper understanding of yourself with compassion.


As a graduate student in the Master of Counseling program at ASU, I am currently working toward becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor under the direct supervision of Jessica Fletcher, MC, LPC, CCTS, TCYM. My practice is holistic, incorporating various evidence-based modalities such as psychodynamic psychotherapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and narrative therapy. I find joy in supporting couples and families, queer/trans individuals, ethically non-monogamous individuals, and sex workers.


It takes courage to seek support, and I celebrate your decision to embark on this transformative path toward healing and growth. 

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