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Interested in Joining the Team?

Part-Time Associate Level Clinical Therapist (not to exceed 29 hours/week)

Healthy Synergy, LLC provides a supportive, growth-oriented environment, flexible schedule, and an opportunity for hands-on experience, supervision, and training from an experienced clinician. 

Ideal Candidate:

This position is best suited for a highly motivated therapist who is interested in private practice and does not want, or is not yet equipped, to manage the details of running their own practice (marketing, billing, scheduling, rent, etc.). It is also suitable for someone who prefers working as part of a collaborative team of therapists, rather than practicing in isolation, and has a passion for bettering themselves in the field of counseling.


This position requires a strong work ethic and the ability to take pride in the quality of services being provided. Attention to detail, the ability to accept and integrate feedback, as well as a self-starter attitude are necessary. Healthy Synergy, LLC is looking for someone who is dedicated to ongoing professional growth in an environment that combines supportive learning and autonomy. Strong time-management skills to balance the needs between direct and indirect (paperwork, case management) hours are a must.


Applicant Requirements: 

  • A Masters degree in one of the following areas: counseling, social work, marriage and family therapy

  • Willingness to work weekends and evenings

  • Willingness to comply with documentation protocol

  • Competency with documenting “medical necessity” in progress notes and treatment plans

  • Current CPR & First Aid Certifications

  • Good standing with Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners if currently licensed

  • If not currently licensed: must show documentation of successful completion of required examination for licensure and application to AZBBHE (may start the position for training and onboarding; must be licensed to provide direct care)

  • Possess working knowledge of DSM-V criteria, community resources, risk-assessment and crisis intervention

  • Interest in and willingness to provide services via Telehealth

  • Pass background check, drug screen, and meet qualifications for an Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card

  • Equipment: Must have a smartphone, computer access, printing and scanning capability, be comfortable with technology, and provide own transportation to and from office

  • Must provide documentation of professional liability insurance

Job Duties:

  • 20 direct hours per week (plus the additional time needed for case management, consultation & recordkeeping)

  • Completion of notes and other required documentation within 24 hours of completion of session

  • Independently develop, schedule, and manage caseload

  • Attend at minimum 1 hour/week of individual supervision

  • Attend at minimum 1.5 hours/month of group supervision

  • Attend at minimum 1.5 hours/month of group didactic

  • Effectively complete intake assessments

  • Create treatment plans with appropriate diagnosis(es) in a collaborative nature with each patient

  • Collect payment at time of service and ensure all patients’ accounts are up-to-date

  • Maintain charts for all patients on caseload (current documentation as required)

  • Respond to communication from clinical supervisor within 24 hours (email, phone, text)

  • Other duties as assigned

  • Must not practice independently outside of Healthy Synergy, LLC in any capacity


Compensation & Benefits:

This is a commission-based, non-benefits eligible employment (1099) position with growth potential and increased revenue as your caseload grows.

  • $45.00/session  (per direct session, paid weekly)

  • $500/year CEU stipend OR

  • Enrollment in modality training program (< $500)

  • Flexible schedule and caseload

  • Supervision hours for licensure from Dr. Sophia Murphy, DBH, LPC

  • Use of Facility and Office Space

  • Use of Cloud Based, HIPAA compliant electronic medical record software

  • Professional growth and development

  • Support with developing your own interests and specializations

  • Billing Services

  • Business cards

  • Marketing (Psychology Today, TherapyDen, Healthy Synergy, LLC website, and social media platforms)

Interested? Email your resume and cover letter to:

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