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Sex Coaching (Individual/Group)

with Certified Sex Coach, Dr. Sophia Murphy, DBH, LPC, CPT, SXI

Work with Dr. Murphy one-on-one, with partner(s), or attend a group workshop for sex coaching tailored to your specific wellness goals. 

SEX COACHING is a confidential process wherein a client works with a certified sex coach involved in addressing sexual concerns, sexual wellness, and sexual healing. The coach works to motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability to clients. As a Certified Sex Coach & Sexologist, Dr. Murphy believes that sexuality is an essential part of the human experience. She specializes in working with BIPOC and LGBTQ+ clients. Her goal is to support you in your personal goals for sexual wellness. Safe sex is: consensual, free of coercion, validating of all bodies, inclusive of all abilities, free of discrimination, and fundamental to overall health.

Your Sex Coaching Experience Will Include:

  • ​​A personal assessment examining your sexual history and specific concerns

  • A customized coaching experience to support your overall wellness goals

  • Individual, partnered, or group workshop options available

  • 50-minute sessions comprised of psychoeducation, support, and tools to motivate change

  • On-going support and accountability throughout your sexual wellness journey!

Common areas to address in sex coaching:

  • Libido concerns

  • Orgasm concerns

  • Sexual performance

  • Kink and BDSM interests

  • Sexual healing

  • Overall sexual wellness


  • Initial Intake: $200 (90 minutes)

  • Individual coaching session: $150 (50 minutes)

  • Partnered coaching session: $175 (75 minutes)

  • Discounted Individual Package options:

    • 5 individual coaching sessions: $650 (save $100)​

    • 10 individual coaching sessions: $1,200 (save $300)

    • 15 individual coaching sessions: $1,800 (save $450)

  • Discounted Partnered Package options:

    • 5 partnered coaching sessions: $775 (save $100)

    • 10 partnered coaching sessions: $1,450 (save $300)

    • 15 partnered coaching sessions: $2,175 (save $450)





Contact Dr. Murphy directly at or 480-849-7070.

***Please note that psychoeducation coaching is not psychotherapy. Referrals for psychotherapists can be provided upon request.***

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